I added some more stuff to the tool based on feedback

I'll cut to the chase

Here's the new stuff I added:

+ Added colon icon

+ Added semi-colon icon

+ Added double pipe icon

+ Added pink, cyan, grey and a pink/orange gradient colour to all icons (I also created a Photoshop automation to do this for me so it doesn't take so long next time)

+ Added posts section

+ Added blog posts

Some other stuff I did:

+ Added NEW! badge (needs work)

* Improved meta title

* Improved canonicalisation (what, you don't know what canonicalisation is?! Wow...)

What happened

Damn, those icons take a while

I forgot how long it takes to make icons from scratch. I'm absolutely not an iconographer, so if you're reading this and you are one, don't judge me (you could help me instead?). They're actually not even technically icons, they're just images. Who cares, it works..

One thing I did manage, as noted above, was to create a little automation in Photoshop to create new icons colours for me, which saved loads of time. Or did it add more time because I had to figure out how to do it? Next time it will be quicker, I'm calling that a win.

The choice of icons came partly from feedback and partly from my notes. An anonymous German user requested a colon icon - ask and you shall receive. I'd had it on my to-do list from the start as well, so it seemed only right to add it. It also seemed right to add a semi-colon to go alongside it.

The double pipe icon was one I liked the idea of. It adds a bit more definition to the divider than just a single pipe - makes it stand out more, a clearer separation.

New colours

As mentioned in my first post, I'm colourblind, so colours are not a strong suit of mine. Nonetheless, I figured I was missing a trick not having a grey colour (insert "don't you see everything as grey" joke here); same for pink. Since the layout is 4 columns, there needed to be 2 more colours added to keep the layout from looking weird, so I landed on cyan (AKA light blue) and one of my favourite gradients, just to keep things a bit interesting (and because I'd run out of colours I can name).

With the addition of the new icons and colours, I added somewhere between 50-60 new icons, totalling over 130 choices of separators so far (don't forget you can mix and match, you don't need to use all the same!). Not bad, if I do say so myself. Without doubt the most comprehensive Chrome bookmark separator tool on the internet at the time of writing. I can't see anyone taking the time to one-up me anytime soon either, because why would they bother?

What's next?

I still have more to add

I have a few more icons I'd like to add. Notably, I'd like to add curly brackets, a tilde, and probably some double slashes, for the same reason I added the double pipe.

I'll also add some more colours. I'm not sure which yet, maybe just some more shades of the already-present colours. I might have to work on the colour-picker layout though, I'm not sure the current circles can handle many more rows, it's just going to get silly.


A big one that's missing at the moment is horizontal separators for folders. It's definitely top of the list. Since the menu is getting a bit long as well, I might have to come up with a new way to navigate. This list keeps getting longer the more I type.. So I'll stop.