Choose Your Icon

Select an icon using the menu at the top of the screen


Choose Your Colour

Click one of the provided colours to select it


Drag to Bookmarks

Drag your chosen coloured icon to your bookmarks bar - done!

Folder Separator Icon Chrome Bookmark Separator

Click a colour below to change the separator colour.

Once you've chosen, drag the icon to the bookmarks bar and you're done!

Google Chrome Folder Bookmark Separator

A late addition to the line up, these Chrome bookmark folder separators have instantly become the single most popular bookmark separator on the site.

Once your bookmarks start to overflow into folders, organisation becomes more important, and these separators are an ideal helper. The standard solid, horizontal folder separator looks great and fits perfectly in the folder for a clear and aesthetically pleasing divider. The other options available are similarly pleasing and add a bit more personalisation to your bookmark folders. The dashed and double-dashed folder separators are also favourites with site users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • help_outlineHow do I add bookmark separators to Google Chrome?
    There are 3 simple steps: Select an icon from the menu, select a colour you'd like, and then drag the icon into place on the bookmarks bar.
  • help_outlineCan I add horizontal bookmark separators to folders?
    Absolutely. Just choose the "Folder Separators" option from the menu - there are 8 styles to choose from!
  • help_outlineDo I have to download something?
    Nothing at all! You just drag the icon from the page and into the bookmarks bar - there's nothing else to it.