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A collection of separators for the Google Chrome bookmarks bar


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Easy enough, right? Now check out the other icons and colours available in the main menu and get creative!

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25+ Icons

..and counting. From pipes and dots to stars and hearts. Bookmark bar separators, in-folder separators and labels - every kind of separator you might need.

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Choose from the 12 provided colours, or check out the full-spectrum colour pickers for popular icons. You can mix and match, follow your own colour scheme or go full rainbow.

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With the addition of colour pickers, there are literally endless combinations. Get creative and use as many icons and colour combinations as you like - the only limit is the width of your bookmark bar.

Separators for Google Chrome Bookmarks

Keep your bookmarks neat, tidy and accessible.

Where Firefox offers a built-in option to add bookmark separators, Google Chrome unfortunately does not. There are options online to add separators to the Chrome bookmarks bar, but none quite did enough for me, so I decided to make my own version and go one better.


As someone who uses bookmarks a lot, and has a lot of bookmarks, I needed a way to keep them tidy and easy to work with. While the other bookmark separators were useful, they were lacking in options. I occasionally change up my bookmarks, use some for a limited time, want to highlight something as a reminder or give myself options for something to refer back to later, and a simple pipe separator wasn't enough on its own.

I built this 'tool' with over 80 130 separators, to be able to colour code and add separators to Chrome bookmarks like never before.

This is a prety niche tool, and not necessarily something built for the masses, although I encourage everyone to organise and arrange their bookmarks for productivity. I'll assume that if you're on this site, and have read this far, you're like me and want to keep things neat and tidy.

I'll have some examples coming soon to show how I use the bookmark separators and inspire you to neaten up your Chrome bookmarks bar.

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Tips on how to arrange your Google Chrome bookmarks, make them easy to use, and how to get the most out of them

Basic Usage

Tidy up and organise

The example above uses a basic blue 'pipe' separator, combined with unnamed icons, to separate Chrome bookmarks into categories. Efficient, useful and looks cool (depending on your definition of cool, of course..)


Maybe this, maybe that

Say you've got an event coming up - best friend's birthday - and you're looking to buy a new outfit but can't decide. Create a couple of folders (or more), save your outfit items and split them with a 'slash' separator for later.


Use 'em all!

Get creative and get colourful. The beauty of this Chrome bookmarks separator tool is that you can combine mutiple separators to divide and conquer. Even switch it up now and then.


Always name your bookmarks (or don't!)

When you add a bookmark in Chrome you can edit the name that shows in the bookmarks bar. You can rename them or remove the name completely and just an icon will show in the bookmarks bar, which is a great space saver.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • help_outlineHow do I add bookmark separators to Google Chrome?
    There are 3 simple steps: Select an icon from the menu, select a colour you'd like, and then drag the icon into place on the bookmarks bar.
  • help_outlineCan I add horizontal bookmark separators to folders?
    Absolutely. Just choose the "Folder Separators" option from the menu - there are 8 styles to choose from!
  • help_outlineDo I have to download something?
    Nothing at all! You just drag the icon from the page and into the bookmarks bar - there's nothing else to it.