Now with 16,777,204 more colours!

This was a long time coming


Here's the new stuff I added:

+ Added colour picker for pipe-style icon

+ Added labelled folder separators (added a while ago tbh)

Some other stuff I did:

* Minor code clean up and efficiency improvements

* Fixed a bug with the menu

* Made an instagram (not entirely sure why yet)

No more colour restrictions!

At least not as long as you want a pipe separator

Something I've wanted to add for ages is the ability to pick your own coloured separator. No one likes to be limited. I've got a little pop up thing that asks users of this site what colours / icons they'd like added. Since it's pretty time consuming to create the new icons (because I'm so inefficient) it's taking me a while to create everything everyone requests (please keep the suggestions coming, I'm working through them slowly).

Consider the new colour picker pipe icon a proof of concept. At some point I'll probably roll it out for most of the icons on the site so there's some more freedom in choice there.

How does it work?

I wasn't going to write about how it works, cos who cares, right? Well, I do, and it wouldn't have been possible without a handy jQuery plugin called Spectrum, built by @bgrins.

The colour picker allows you to choose from close to 17 million colours (16,777,216 to be exact). As you move the cursor around, the colour it represents colours a pipe-shaped PNG image that's rendered in real time using some clever HTML canvas/JavaScript magic. Each colour is an image of it's own, and could actually be downloaded if you wanted (you wouldn't though..).

Label your folder separators!

I'm particularly pleased with this addition. The original folder separators were good, that was a bit of a breakthrough for me, but this takes it to the next level.

Allow me to formally introduce the addition of labelled folder separators - they work just like the rest of the separators - you just drag it to where you want it (inside folders in this case) - only you can add a custom label now to make your bookmarks even more organised. It's limited to 20 characters* as I found that to be a decent size to fit most use-cases without making the bookmarks too wide and becoming truncated.

*Unless you want to get creative and manually edit the name of the bookmark, in which case you're truly dedicated to bookmark separation and I wholeheartedly encourage it.

I'm not going to say the possibilities are endless, but by the time you reach the end of the possibilities I'll have some more cool things for you to play with. Since you can add special characters and even emojis to the separators (control + cmd + space on Mac or Windows + . on PC), I'll give you a while to come up with some cool stuff!

Show me your bookmarks!

I'd love to see how you use the bookmark separators - no matter how 'vanilla' your setup! Since I've not yet built a contact form (I'll get there), you can instead tag the Instagram account (@bookmarkseparators). There are a fair few people using the tool now and it'd be awesome to see how people are organising their bookmarks! I'll start collating creative ideas and showcasing some if I get a few coming through.

That's it for now - don't forget to fill in the little pop up at the bottom right of the screen if you haven't already (it doesn't ask for an email address or anything personal!) so I have a good backlog of features and can keep the new stuff coming!